Where applicants seek exemption, an exemption fee will have to be paid. The exemption fee can apply for the Professional route where candidates submit prior qualifications upon registration and seek exemption. For exemption fees, please see the Membership Fee Chart.However, the first-year subscription fee must be paid together with the registration fee. If any applicant fails to be awarded membership, the 1st Year subscription will be refunded. However, in most cases, as applicants go through an initial screening, even before being given an application form, applicants are successful.

Subscription Annual subscription is due and payable on the first day of January each year. If a registered member fails to pay his/her annual subscription by December 31st, his/her registration may be terminated. If the membership is terminated, the candidate will be required to pay the administration fee of UK Sterling fifty pounds (£50.00) in addition to the current annual subscription if he/she wants re-registration.


An opportunity is given to all learning candidates on successful completion of each level and have met necessary work experience can upgrade their level of Membership. To upgrade, the applicant must hold candidate Membership and should not have defaulted in their subscriptions. A letter of request must be forward to the Membership Committee giving valid reasons for the upgrade and must show evidence for qualifying for the next level of membership.

The candidate will have to sit for the relevant level of examination for the upgrade he/she seeks. For example if a candidate is an Affiliate member, and wants to upgrade to Associate level, he/she will have to pay the relevant exemption fee. That amount must be paid in full. The Upgrading fee is Fifty UK Sterling (£ 50.00). If an applicant is unsuccessful, the amount will be refunded after deducting the administrative expenses of fifteen UK Sterling (£ 15.00).


Active and paidUK-CCL members are eligible to use theirrespective Faculty's designated letters after their names. Candidates must adhere to the rules at all times with prompt payment of the annual subscription. Disciplinary action will be taken if any member or registered person infringes UK-CCL's professional and ethical guide.


All applicants have to completea UK-CCLCandidate Application form and must enclose copies of supporting documentation to the UK-CCLLocal Approved LearningAcademy for initial processing. The Professional Learning Academy in return will submit the application to the UK-CCL International Coordination Centre in Great Britain.All applications must be accompanied with the correct non-refundable registration fee. The application will be assessed and verified by the Education and Membership Committee (EMC) of UK-CCL will then issue the appropriate Grade of Membership for each candidate.

The UK-CCL Education and Membership Committee (EMC) or Rector-General has the power to decline any application without formal reasoning. The decisions of theEMC are final.