1. Compulsory Aptitude Tests (level 100)

  • a. Aptitude tests shall be used if they are contemporary and if they and their pass marks are recognized by, and acceptable to UK-CCL Board of Assessors.

  • b. Candidates should display a good command of the language of instruction and, in marginal cases, may be given an approved oral and/or written test.

2. Course controls

  • a. Ensure that candidates attending the regular lecturers, management group discussion, seminars and workshops and/or tutorial class related to the respective discipline.

  • b. Ensure that candidate working should cover with abreast of current developments and problems and be prepared to describe how this is achieved.

  • c. Ensure that all course work, assignments and documentation are accurate and make sure it is respective candidate’s own product specially made for the UK-CCL modules.

  • d. Execute the conditions of case studies in the respective level of UK-CCL qualifications and make sure those candidates are submitting candidate workings within the deadlines of each course. Fail to submit the course-work on time may reduce candidate marks.


  • 1. It is the responsibility of each candidate to ascertain when and where their assessments/examinations will take place, to attend assessments and/or examinations and to submit work for assessment as required and to provide the Board of Assessors of UK-CCL in advance of their meeting with any relevant documentary evidence relating to personal circumstances which may have affected their performance and which they wish to be taken into account by the Board.

  • 2. If a candidate fails to attend examinations or to submit work for assessment without good cause, the examiners shall have the authority to deem the candidate to have failed the assessments concerned.

  • 3. If a candidate fails without good cause to provide the examiners in advance of their meeting with information about any personal circumstances that may have affected performance in assessments, anybody authorised by the Academic Board to consider requests for the examiners’ decision(s) to be reviewed shall be empowered to reject any such request on those grounds.

  • 4. If a candidate is found to have cheated, plagiarised or attempted to gain an unfair advantage, the examiners shall have authority to deem the candidate to have failed part or all of the assessments and the authority to determine whether or not the candidate shall be permitted to be reassessed.

Award Documents

  • Letter of Completion

  • Assessment Report

  • Transcript

  • Award Conferment

  • UK-CCL Certificate

Award Benefits

  • 1. Elevating to a Professional Quality Standards with confirmation of professional degree awarding certificate to proclaim as a Qualified Professional in the area of your working skill.

  • 2. Giving opportunity job promotion and salary increment within present employment.

  • 3. Making available in the job market for a higher job status with better benefits.

  • 4. Enhancement to the employer and better acceptance in the business circle.

  • 5. Change of Life Style into academic arena with self-confidence and personal motivation.

Area of Professional Knowledge Awards

  • a. Hospitality Management.

  • b. Hotel Management.

  • c. Tours & Travel Management.

  • d. Food Service Management.

  • e. Culinary Management.

  • f. Business Management.

  • g. Sales& Marketing Management.

  • h. Procurement Management.

  • i. Office Administration.

  • j. Information Communication Technology

  • k. Human Resource Management

  • l. Entrepreneurship,

  • m. General Management,

  • n. Health Care Management

  • o. Finance Management

  • p. Banking Management

  • p. Property Management