Adults who seek an opportunity to enhance their career prospects can apply to come under the Accreditation of Career Progress Development (ACPD) scheme. ACPD could support your personal and professional development. The ACPD scheme is an alternative towards the path for non-academic person to acquire an award from a Professional Body to uplift their image to a professional status. This scheme would be very suitable for busy working professionals who have an abundance of work based knowledge, skill and capability. All candidates will be scrutinised to show whether they possess evidence of this attainment/quality, before being considered to come under this specific scheme in order to gain the UK-CCL’s certifications.

Thus, high calibre and dynamic candidates, who have acquired and developed their skills through career progress development programmes, would be able to gain the UK-CCL’s professional award for career progress or business development. In addition to the vast knowledge and expertise that they already possess, candidates would be required to submit a Project Paper in their area of work and expertise, to gain the UK-CCL’s worthy recommendation to gain the internationally accepted Professional Knowledge Qualifications.


Lifelong Learning and Continuing Professional Development is two main phrases that are used to emphasise the changes taking place in the educational and training area in the twenty first century. An adult who wants a second chance; those who are returning to professional education after a career break or those who want to improve their career prospects can apply through the Affirmation for Prior Experience & Learning (APEL) scheme. At whatever stage one is in, the APEL path would support personal and professional development. APEL encourages:

  • a. Learning from experience; growing with one’s company/organisation’s progress.

  • b. Developing one’s profession in learning while earning.

  • c. Changing directions and having a breakthrough into a new career with the latest technology.

In this current day and age, many company CEO’s and Executive Managerial Staff may not hold academic graduate or post graduate qualifications to hold such vital position. But, their hands on experiences and knowledge that they have gained in their working life will have assisted them. In order to appreciate and reward them, APEL scheme is there as their Career Path Professional Development. Many individuals have used the pathway of UK-CCL to gain the appropriate Lifelong Learning Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications. This achievement is depending on each one’s ability and capability and it is not general norm.

Award Requirements

  • 1. Candidate has to be over twenty-four years of age with minimum of three years of hands on work experience.

  • 2. Submission of detailed curriculum vitae detailing qualifications and work experience.

  • 3. Certified endorsed copies of all credentials.

  • 4. One Passport Size Colour Photograph with photo copies of a Passport or Local Identity Card.

  • 5. Two character references one from current employer & reputable Independent Executive Professionals.

  • 6. Fully completed UK-CCL application and a declaration that all the information provided is true to the best of his/her knowledge and it is not forged in any way.

  • 7. Must make themselves available in person or through video conference for the Preliminary Oral Admission Interview before final enrolment.

Assessment Procedure

  • Reflective Work Experience Accomplishment Assignment

  • Minimum of three Verbal Examinations

  • Power Point Presentation of experience and expertise

  • Attendance of approved Workshop and Seminars


  • (1) Work Bound Assignments (TBA) 30%

  • (2) Individual / Group Consultation 20%

  • (3) Presentations Work Achievements 20%

  • (4) Viva Examination30%

The Board of Assessors has the power to decline any application without giving reasons. Approved candidates will receive at least three week’s notice as to the time and place of examination and the centre where the examination will be conducted. The decisions of Board of Assessors are final and candidates must not enter into correspondences with Board of Assessors or UK-CCL on examination results. Under no circumstances will details of marks awarded be divulged.